About Us

Green Planet Association is a women-led NGO established in 2012 to contribute to long-term sustainable improvement in the lives of underprivileged individuals living in rural and disadvantaged communities in Manyu Division, South West Region of Cameroon.
Green Planet Association is registered in Cameroon as an NGO with its head office in Mamfe, South West Region Cameroon. Green Planet Association will soon have branches in the United States of America and the five regions of the African continent.
Green Planet Association works in close partnership with women organizations, communities groups, NGOs, government and other institutions in Cameroon to develop and harness knowledge, skills and resources needed for sustainability.
Our approach and strategies are community driven to instil greater involvement and sustainability.
Our work centers on, HIV/AIDS and opportunistic illnesses, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, hygiene and sanitation , Capacity Building , Gender rights, equality and leadership, Disability rights, computer literacy and Community Development to achieve sustainable Poverty Reduction.
Green Planet Association has continued to learn and reflect on its work in order to identify best practices and explore innovative ways to improving lives and bringing sustainable changes in underprivileged individuals, groups and their said communities. Following the first five years evaluation of our work, Green Planet will priorities funding for projects that support widows and their children, school drop outs, people with disability and the girl child because these projects have ripple effects on the communities.
To this effect, Green Planet will continue to promote sustainable development goals (SDG), Agenda 2063 Goals and Horizon 2035 Goals in underprivileged groups and communities in Cameroon and other parts of Africa where these despicable practices still exist with the availability of funds, and through our various initiatives mentioned-above.