Green Planet Association is a community based non-governmental organization operating in the South West Region of Cameroon with registration No.G.38/C, 64/V8, 413/A1/SAJPA. It was founded on 3rd July, 2012.
Work became a meaningless chore outside of earning a pay check each month. I therefore started this non-profit after seeing the plight and being concerned with the deplorable and degrading situation of the underprivileged categories of people especially women in general and widows in particular e.g the ill treatment meted on widows and the gross abuse of their fundamental Human Rights, high rate of youths dropping out of school and eventual high rate of youth unemployment, high crime rates, HIV/AIDS and related diseases, affecting particularly those living in rural areas, streets and peri-urban in Manyu Division and many parts of rural Cameroon . I therefore invited some Counselling Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Social Workers and Community based development workers for a meeting with regards the above-mentioned. This consultation gave birth to Green Planet Association.
By starting and running this non-profit, I see how our collective efforts positively affect disadvantaged people especially women in need and that has been and continues to be motivating, very satisfying and fulfilling.
Green Planet’s principal mission is to develop and create an enabling environment for the underprivileged categories especially Widows and their children and school drop outs through innovative programmes and projects.
This also involves facilitating the integration of the underprivileged into the society through empowerment programmes. The vison of Green Planet Association is to promote a rural Africa devoid of widow unemployment, marginalization, rejection and denial of their fundamental human rights, youth unemployment and rural exodus, and harmful traditional practices -early girl child marriages, witchcraft, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and poverty that seriously affects the growth and development of widows and children and youths who drop out of school for various reasons and the said communities at large.
We focus on giving voices to the voiceless and listening to the ignored of our
Community: people living in poverty and those who are discriminated upon,
marginalized and neglected. We work with partners, women groups, and disabled
people, NGOs, government institutions and other relevant institutions to mobilise,
advocate, identify, and undertake a range of initiatives, projects, programmes and
interventions for sustainability.