Mission Statement

Advocate fair treatment, equality and justice for all


Green planet Association advocates fair treatment, equality, and justice as basic principles that permit individuals to meet their basic needs, to live in harmony in their respective societies and communities, and to pursue their life goals while positively contributing to the advancement of their families and said communities.

This is especially true for the most underprivileged and marginalized groups, particularly widows, young girls and school dropouts in developing nations, for whom certain doors are closed. We feel it is important to address the inhumane treatment and discrimination that widows and other severely marginalized groups of people and their families who find themselves at risk and cannot fend for themselves.

As a result Green planet Association, through a wide range of projects and programmes provides support and interventions in the south west region of Cameroon especially in Manyu division to address these inequalities and ensure that disadvantaged people have access to resources, services and opportunities to change their lives and communities.