Structure, Governance and Management

The Board of Trustees administers Green Planet. The Board is comprised of 7 women who serve for 3 years, after which they may be re-appointed to serve two a further 2-year term.

The Board Chairperson is appointed by the Board members and serves for a maximum of two -years term. The Board regularly reviews the range of skills amongst Board members before their appointments.

Potential new Board members are recruited through advertisements or from network of local women groups and partner organizations in Cameroon.

Appointments are made on the basis of the skills, interest and commitment of the goals of Green Planet and the Board oversees the general directions and management of the organisations and its work.
An induction programme is arranged for new Board members and could involve training.

The full Board meets at least 4 times a year to manage the affairs of Green Planet and also take key decisions involving the management of the organization.

In addition to the board, an alternating group of three board members meet every two months (subcommittee) to decide on financial and technical issues including funding for future programmes.

The day-to-day administration of Green Planet is delegated to the Chair of the Board who is supported by country coordinator and volunteers.

The management Board has also established one sub-committee drawn from amongst its own members. The committee meets regularly to oversee and take decisions on major issues affecting the organization and also resolve any disputes. The board chair recruits and manages country staff and ensures overall operations of the organization.
The country coordinator provides supervisory lead to all teams and programmes and reports to the Board each month.