School on Wheels Project

The school on wheels project is an innovation of GREEN PLANET ASSOCIATION, as an attempt to take elementary education to out of school children or those who are somewhat backward in class/ school, who live in the rural areas or villages of Manyu Division of the South West region of Cameroon. It will also cater for remedial reading program in order to enable school going rural children start, stay in and complete school. It will also help them improve on their academic performance, keep up with their grades and boost their self-esteem.
The purpose of the School on Wheels is the enhancement of educational opportunities for rural based children .The goal is to close the gaps in the education of these children and provide them with the highest education possible.
The activities include
-One-on-one tutoring after school hours
-Backpacks and School supplies
-Assistance in entering school
-Remedial Reading
-Parent guidance in educational matters for their children’s success.
-Nutrition issues